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Riley | Riley_dot_jackson_at_comcast_dot_net

So nice to see such a collection of Ricks work! I was a young surfer in early '70s and his art was just a normal part of Surfer Magazine. I had purchased at t-shirt from Surfer in the 70s that said Save Our Mother Ocean and had art of Ricks. I was hoping to see that image on the site but did not. Do you all have that archived somewhere? Would love to see it. I would buy that shirt again many times!! True conservation spirit!

Paul Favour | robotworkshop_at_gmail_dot_com

Thank you all for putting this gallery and visiting point together. Nicely done!

Edward Montgomery Waznis | emfa_at_redshift_dot_com

The first time I laid eyes on Murphy, I was hooked. Raised on comic books, DELL in particular, I'd seen lots of great artwork but Murphy captivated me. I always wanted to be able to  draw . My school notebooks were soon festooned with my lame attempts at drawing Murph. And, as a wannabe surfer from the San Fernando Valley, my wardrobe soon reflected Murphy's laid back, beach boy, zeitgeist. I'm now nearly 70 and have been a fine art dealer for 35 years. I own a Gallery in Carmel-by-the-Sea. I've got a reproduction of Griffin's original Murphy hanging in my office. Thanks for putting this site together and helping to preserve Rick Griffin's legacy.

Randonius Von Thayer | Randonius@gmail.com

When i saw the 50th Anniversary Edition of SURFER MAGAZINE i was dismayed and angry that they had not included one single mention of MURPHY ... really a big let down and i stopped buying the magazine after that ... it couldn't have been an oversight ... it was intentional ... and the thing is that he (Rick) inspired ALL OF US artists, cartoonists, and creatives through that magazine.

Tony Mangano | anthonyamangano_at_yahoo_dot_com

Hello from Chicago!! First off thank you for your dedication to Rick Griffins legend. Very well done I have come back to this site many times! I write to you in hopes of receiving an answer to a question I have about a possible Griffin print that I purchased. I bought what was believed to be a BG-105 4th pressing last week, but upon its delivery my research has lead me to believe that this is what is known as a BG-105-PP3? I say this based on the forums I have read that have discussed the various nuances of the print, most notably the finger prints. It has been said that this print was done by Rick himself using the plates from the second pressing, and that these are his prints that are seen in black. I am wondering if there is any truth to this and if you possibly know the answer? I greatly appreciate your time and wisdom. Thank you again, Tony Mangano Chicago, IL.

Lyndon Drew Schaeffer | lyndonschaeffer_at_yahoo_dot_com

I had no idea Rick Griffin and died certainly not 30 years ago... He is always been a huge inspiration to me since the first time I saw any of his work in zap Comics or those other Publications back in the 70s I always thought he was absolutely awesome ... before the word awesome was awesome... the word I used when I was a teenager in the 70s in Minneapolis was... "stud". He was absolutely stud... Anyway what a horrible loss ... Especially to lose him in something so stupid as a motorcycle wreck with no helmet. I'm temporarily miserable from this... But as an artist I am going to try to do something soon 2 show my reverence for him... I have lost probably 15 or more close friends in the last 8 years and now I feel like I lost another one... Even maybe more influential than most of the others even though I never met him. Now I know why the world feels a little bit shittier than it ever did before.

Dave McIntyre | surf92130_at_gmail_dot_com

Have 1 original 1963 Surfer Magazine decal for sale-in good condition. Also original 1965 Endless Summer San Diego movie flier (also on foam board & photo paper). ES movie poster=original sold but had copies made on foam board & photo paper. Can have boxed for shipping worldwide at buyers expense from San Diego, Ca USA. Also 4 original surf photos of Mike Endless Summer Hynson & 4 originals of Greg Noll at the Waimea Bay. Thanks for your interest. Have a PayPal for payments.

Bernt Ostergaard | bernt_dot_ostergaard_at_mac_dot_com

I'd like to use the Rick Griffin 1969 Grateful Dead poster in a book I'm writitng about Danish Communes in the 1970'ies. Do you know who the copyright holder is? And can you provide any contact details, thanks. Best wishes - Bernt

Jill Morgan | jillmorgan10_at_yahoo_dot_com

I have two hand painted Rick Griffin pieces of artwork. They are from his Christian period. My friend and I bought them from Ida. I do not want to part with them but he did not sign these as they were rough drafts. But I was hoping that I could just get some form of certification. Is it possible that you could send me in the right direction?

Greg Colello | gcolello_at_comcast_dot_net

I got here because I had long remembered and sought out a Steppenwolf album cover with "Pigs on The March", as I called it to myself, which impressed me so much when I saw it in the 60's. I wanted it now, because as I remembered it, I thought it was still a good metaphor for todays United States. I was certain it was on a Steppenwolf album, but I kept seeing just the front cover band photo of the Monster album. Then today I finally noticed the jumble of legs and arms at its top, and realized that was part of the image I was seeking. So I pressed on with internet images of the album, and finally found the full cover folded out, which reveals the full extremely intense image. [Note, your web site does not show the full image either.] Then I wondered who did the artwork? That search finally caused me to discover Rick Griffin, and this web site. I assume Rick did that "Pigs on The March" image, since he is credited with the album cover, but that is not clear from internet descriptions. Did he? If so, I think it was one of his best inspired pieces. Meanwhile, from this web site I now realize Rick's work permeated the world I lived in during those days, and I never knew his name. The breath of his work perhaps sets him apart from the other Psychedelic "poster" artists. Thanks for this great web site and the Biography!!!

Bob | surfson_at_rcn_dot_com

I'm a big fan and have a decent collection of his art. Many years ago I looked up his widow, Ida, and bought a lot from her and also bought from one of his former partners, Robert Beerbohm. Thanks for setting up this site to memorialize his work.

Rick Lucas | slipperydog777_at_gmail_dot_com

Truly one of the most underrated artists of the 20th century.

Mike Huwe | hueness_at_yahoo_dot_com

I am a big admirer of Rick's work and treasure the times I was in his presence.

Elizabeth Ricker | ohanaforever2015_at_gmail_dot_com

Hi there... I am so plesed to have found your site!!! Thank you for honoring an amazing artist. Maybe you can help me. I am trying to find out what the details are on the Aoxoamoxoa Sons of Champlin Grateful dead poster that I purchased about 20 years ago and what it might be 'worth', besides being priceless. It is numbered 1708/7500. Is there any update on the Griffin film and how can I help !!! Peace, Love, Light and Immense respect, Betsy

Don Bennett | info_at_moggybali_dot_com

I have always liked Rick's art. At 71 years old, I think I have seen them all, especially if they were in Surfer Mag. RIP Rick. Aloha, Don Bennett

Kate Layne | kathilayne_at_gmail_dot_com

Great site! Great artist. Does anyone know anything about a mural of San Mezcalito that was painted on the wall of a cantina in San Blas Mexico, sometime in the late 60s? If you do, let's swap stories. Kate

Jodi Baher | jodibaher_at_gmail_dot_com

such a inspirational artist, god save him

Ed | stuttard_at_ozemail_dot_com_dot_au

Good site, thank you. FYI my 1960 era Swagerty Treholele ukulele has just arrived, these feature a small surfer graphic Ed, Runaway Bay, QLD. Just down the road from Surfers Paradise.

Jay Renzulli | musicdirectorkide_at_gmail_dot_com

thanks and peace

TR Shields III | trshields3rd_at_aol_dot_com

Recently met an associate of Ricks and fellow biker. I of course had seen his art work from early on but never was even aware of the man himself. Great site. Brings back a lot of memories. His former associate and riding partner, has told great stories about some of their experiences. It's great to see a site dedicated to his work.

W.A. Stofer | billstofer_at_gmail_dot_com

Growing up in California in the 60s and 70s, no one person had a bigger influence on me as an artist and surfer than Rick Griffin. To this very day my inspiration for my comics and art still have roots in the concept and style of this genius. The world has lost one of the most influential creative minds that ever was, and I wish I could have met him personally. Best wishes to all of his family.

Scott Davies | scottdavies65_at_hotmail_dot_com

Rick, Ed Roth, R. Crumb were big influences on my artwork, I did airbrush t shirts for friends back in the late 60's, visited Haight Ashbury numerous times in late 60's, I am still crankin out the canvas's thx Scott Davies...

Jonathan Scott MacNeil | ydoicare_at_gmail_dot_com

Thanks for the site !

Matthew Greene | matthewlanning_at_yahoo_dot_com

Two of most cherished original works by Rick: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/tzwtgpxljjf2fv6/AAAXUnmQVP9f-7qRiPl98E7ca. I grew-up in NYC on (and in) Bill Graham's Fillmore East and these images are an immediate injection of the times and concerts that inspire me every day.

Brandon Engel | denverdiego_at_outlook_dot_com

What a wonderful site. So many memories of my moms house and art she had. I had forgotten how many posters/art she had. I actually found the site looking for a way to verify a piece my mom is confident is a self portrait, that was given to her in Berkeley. I believe she said Laura gave it to her...??? The piece is a sun with a snake circling the sun and the astrological signs at the end of the rays, for a basic description. Can you please advise me as to where to turn for authenticity? Thanks for the smiles, memories and keeping such a special time alive.

Jeff Stenquist | wwwguide_at_gmail_dot_com

I spoke to my friend Mike Bucher. He says a friend named Rob Summers brought Rick Griffin over to his home in Leucadia, Ca in 1979. Mike and his buddys are big grateful dead fans and had the house all decorated in psychedelic stuff. Incidentally, Mike's father was the Captain of the USS Pueblo ship that was captured in January 1968 in international waters and his dad and crew were POWs in North Korea for 11 months.

Martin Scrace | martinscrace_at_nhs_dot_net

Fantastic site and a fantastic artist.

Rick Bundschuh | rickbundschuh_at_mac_dot_com

I had a chance to hang out with Rick for a short time in the early 80's - growing up, he was my art hero and it was my honor to take his place doing cartoons for Surfer in the 80's (Maynard and the Rat). I remember his kindness, humility and friendliness for a couple of drooling fans. I also remember watching in horror as his kid slid her big wheel into a majestic piece of framed art that was sitting on the floor of his condo. Rick's reaction was so chilled that it almost seemed like he was saying "aw, if she damages this one I can just paint it again".

Dewey Stace | deweystace_at_hotmail_dot_com

I grew up in Santa Cruz surfing and always had the surfing mags around. When Rick's art came out all my buddys were totally stoked on it, as several of them drew surfing artwork themselves. I clearly remember the surfing eyeball. It was not until lately when doing a wiki search on Rick did I know the significance of the eye. I am thinking of getting some ink done on myself with copies of his work. I am 58 and will always be inspired by his work. Hang loose.

Harley | harleytynes_at_laumc_dot_org

I read some of these comments. One in particular from someone here. There was no PV high in 1960. My sister was in the first graduating class from PV but they spent their first 2years (freshman & sophomore) at Narborne High. She's 4 years my senior. I'm pretty sure she graduated in 1963. Don't hold me to that. But she did know a lot of local surfers: used to go to the beach and play bridge with other gals : girls weren't supposed to surf back then so she just watched the guys. And Rick painted a surfer dude on her bathroom wall. Guess it might have been that Murphy guy. She was in a car accident and it made her happy. I remember cuz I copied anything he did. Younger sister syndrome. And John Sward is a complete artist in his own right. Rick was nice to my sister and her goofy younger kid sister, me. People remember him for all the Greatful Dead stuff. I just remember him with his pens and stuff and making Dee laugh and putting up with a goonie 11 year old kid sister.

Larry Cox | lcox743_at_aol_dot_com

Just happened by this web site. Went to school with Rick from A. Fleming to P.V. High. I have some of his class room doodles somewhere. I will look around for them. Who knows where after all these years. They are in a folder that he penned "Pitcures By Griffin", spelled that way.

Ed "Randy" Worth | edworth88_at_aol_dot_com

I was a very good friend of Rick Griffin's in high school. We did a lot of surfing together. I have four cartoons that he drew for me while we were in high school that show his early talent for drawing surf cartoons. I would consider selling them to a Rick Griffin art collector who would appreciate them. If you look at the photograph of Rick surfing in Malibu which accompanies the story about him in the Surfer magazine which features "Murf the Surf" on the cover you will see that I took the picture. Thank you Ed "Randy" Worth

Robert W. Cox | comicbookcollege_at_gmail_dot_com

Thank you, if there is a way to purchase quantities of the Gospel of John, please email me, I have serious doubts they would still be in print but I would buy them just to hand out for free to ppl. Thanx again.

Barb Billstein | Barb6656_at_aol_dot_com

I have been searching, trying to find an album cover with an awesome picture on the back which I'm assuming was created by Rick. The picture included a creature holding Mickey Mouses in his hands and in his mouth, there was an angel, some demons bats, factory buildings with smokestacks, greedy fat pigs, an eyeball with a syringe, playing cards dice and a wheel made out of skulls and bones. The picture had similarities to the Steppenwolf Monster album cover. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'd love to see or purchase a copy of this picture.

Jeff Love | jeffreyallanlove_at_gmail_dot_com

I Love Ricks Art! I grew up in San Clemente and my Mother Nancy Love and her BF Scott Weber were friends with the Griffins. I had the opportunity to see his original art while it was being created. Ida, flavin and Idelia (sp?) where friends of the family. They were all super cool and I feel fortunate to have known them all. One time I used Ricks foam sculptures of crescent moons with faces on them and stuff like that and created a little box and hung his sculptures in the box, painted the inside to look like a night sky scape and shared it in my 3rd grade class. Cool stuff. RIP Rick we love u always. Best to the griffin family.

Rick Tucker | rat5459_at_aol_dot_com

I have nothing but love for the man's work. It's good to see resurgence in his popularity. As a young man I ate this stuff up. As an artist and adult I appreciate what he tapped into all those years ago.

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