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Name Stephen Fleming
E-mail rswelair_at_dfn.com
Comments I surfed in So Cal in the early sixties and loved the Murph the Surf strip in "Surfer" mag. Where can find reprints of those strips or any of the "Murph" images??
Name Mafufa
E-mail mike_at_mafufa.com
Comments I know the surfers were the first long hairs and surf music was the first metal music. Rick is a testamony to that fact with his tremendouus art. I hear Dick Dale music everytime I look his art. Long live Rick Griffin.
Name david griffin
E-mail david_at_mobiletel.com
Comments never knew the guy but very interesting im 53 years old just picked on this site because im a griffin from louisiana coonass country have a nice day peel out
Name Monday England
E-mail englandf_at_monroe.k12.fl.us
Comments The best dog friend I ever had, I named after Omo Bob! Long live Omo in several pieces.
Name Shanna Howarth
E-mail shanna_at_theguild.co.za
Comments I was born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1981 - as far away for everything that Rick Griffins art work stood for as possible, yet I found him on a dusty book shelf when I must have been about all of nine years old. And I took him with me through all my years of art school, working as a graphic artist, clutched in the memory of his art. So when I was asked to do a poster for a friends band I went looking for inspiration, I went looking for Rick, and I found your website... And I felt the need to tell you , although I know very little about Ricks life beyond his art, that his work knows now boundaries of time nor space as it found me...through the years in the heart of Africa. I wanted to tell you that one didn't have to know him to know that he will last FOREVER.
Name Neil Resnick
E-mail Neil.Resnick_at_Grubb-Ellis.com
Comments Several years ago I was in a frame section of a budget department store here in Los Angeles. Laying on the ground was a framed poster that was quite worn and dusty. I asked the salesperson if I could have a closer look. To my amazement it was a signed Rick Griffin 'Big Brother, Santana, CTA' poster from the Fillmore West. When I asked the clerk what the story was he told me that several years ago someone had brought it to him to frame but never picked it up. I asked him if I could buy it. After a short deliberation the clerk determined that the person who was the original owner, who had left it a few years back, didn't care enough about the piece to ever pick it up. He asked how much I was prepared to give him. I suggested $50 and the salesclerk immediately said "sold." That signed Rick Griffin, which I had reframed, has proudly hung in my home for the last ten years. I love looking at it and I love sharing the story of how I acquired it!
Name Fredy
E-mail List.Manager_at_BraveSurf.com
Comments Cool site! Keep up the good work! FREDY
Name Dan
E-mail dan_at_crystalrangemusic.com
Comments Since the early 60's there has been a wonderful image of Murph along the east shore of Lake Tahoe. Most people never realized who this was, most thought Flintstones or something. Along comes a self proclaimed artist to help beautify and destroys our beloved surfer, causing a fury of discontent among many. I have tried through the paper Tahoe Daily Tribune to educate, since, like I said most didn't know. An era truly gone at Tahoe. Everyone, contact this paper and help me educate this town.
Name Victor Serrano
E-mail ramy-alicante_at_telefonica.net
Comments a los 13 años vi una ilustracion de rick en la movida del skateboard y desde entonces alucino con este tipo y mi estilo al dibujar dio un giro hacia la psicodelia , hay que agradecer mucho a rick, hey ho let's go.
Name Keith Folk
E-mail k.folk_at_comcast.net
Comments Rick's work can't help be inspiring. I was familar with his work over the years. But I didn't really know Rick's story until I picked up the bio book before he passed on. As a fan and an artist I appreciate this site and the time and energies that went into making it. Rick's work has shown up in my work in small pieces, even subconsciously. Probably like previous artists works that showed up in Ricks. The inspiration continues. God Bless Him!
Name Jason Waschkowski
E-mail thewaschkowskis_at_hotmail.com
Comments I was first introduced to Rick in 1986 and my life has never been the same since. My best friend, Craig Todd introduced me to his unspeakable talent in the beginning and I have watched as Rick's influence and touch with the airbrush etc. had influenced Craig's work. Now we have been working on an animated feature for the past eight years. Thankyou for working hard Rick, and inspiring so many people you never knew. Perhaps there are more Tales from the Tube yet to be told - God bless.
Name Mario Insenga
E-mail iam_at_insengainc.com
Comments I have one of two leather motorcycle Jackets that Rick Griffen hand painted . It is In perfect condition , I am interested in it,s value . If anyone may have aditionial info please contact me. Thanks.
Name Claudia
E-mail stokedinSC_at_aol.com
Comments Rick Griffin's art has always been around my house when I was growing up, thanks to my Dad. His art influenced mine in so many ways. His fonts, the characters, his "fill-the-page" style, and his surf cultured style. Imagine my excitement when I came to learn that my friend Miles was his son, and Ida his wife! What a creative life all of you live, it is very inspiring. And it was fun living with Ida too. She has a lot of great stories of her and Rick, the era they lived in. Truly beautiful people living an artful life.
Name Glenn Sexton
E-mail jabez3day_at_earthlink.net
Comments I had the pleasure of living down the street and attending Palos Verdes High with Rick. Even though I was an under classman, he treated me like a friend and fellow surfer. One great guy.
Name James Walker
E-mail jww_at_hotmail.com
Comments as a 60's & 70's east coast surfer, griffin's influence was tremendous on our local scene. it's no wonder that my first tattoo - at age 49- features a flying eyeball. great web-tribute!
Name Mark Berrier
E-mail info_at_artbeat.com
Comments I have been an admirer of Rick's work since I was 15...I'm now 50...I've always held a special place in my heart for him and his work. No one has before or since appealed to my eye as much as his style of drawing. I've learned so much from his work, I can never repay him...he was a teacher to so many he never met. Thanks for a great site.
Name Moon
E-mail michael.daniel_at_telewest.co.uk
E-mail BMolloy408_at_aol.com
Comments I wasnt inspired untill ida showed me Ricks Portfolio. His work will always be viewed next to awesome
Name Terri Wallin
E-mail TerriWallin_at_earthlink.net
Comments the most professional website I have ever reviewed. It made Rick come alive.
Name guacamole
E-mail formenteralady_at_hotmail.com
Comments unico, que envidia mas sana provoca contemplar sus obras, sin duda el mejor ilustrador que ha habido. paz
Name Tony DeLuca
E-mail tony23d_at_aol.com
Comments great stuff...thanks !!!
Name Gorilla
E-mail g_gorilla_at_hotmail.com
Comments Rick rules! Full-on eye candy!!!!
Name Tony Tipps
E-mail tonytipps_at_aol.com
Comments I bought a "my eyes have seen the glory" Rick Griffin poster at a antique show. It has a Zig Zag man, Indian and Catapillar smoking a hooka. Any info on this please e-mail. Thanks - Tony
Name David Noel
E-mail bigdnoel_at_attbi.com
Comments As a young teenager back in the 70's I was introduced to Rick's work thruough his poster work and of course Zap comics,as a fellow artist and surfer Rick's work influenced me and inspired me in my own creations. Rick's memory lives on in all who have been touched by his lifes work. Thanks Rick.
Name John Zitzer
E-mail johnzitzer_at_yahoo.com
Comments Rick Griffin was a very special man, also his wife Ida and his children. Rick could make me see so many different views on certain things to what most people thought that there was only one view. This world is less without him.
Name rip amontea
E-mail rsamontea_at_attbi.com
Comments my first exposure to his artwork was thru surfer magazine in the mid sixties, it always stood apart from other's graphics because of his distinct style. i always was amazed at his abilty to put so many intricate details in his graphics, but yet maintain a almost calming effect with his images, needless to say he is missed along with others from that incredible period of time.
Name steve guarnaccia
E-mail hbsurfer_at_socal.rr.com
Comments I want pacific vibrations on dvd or vhs. HOW?
Name Ernie McCracken
E-mail mukraken_at_hotmail.com
Comments I am an old fan from Memphis. Rick Griffin's art has always stuck in my mind, elusive messages on the logic side but clear as Tibetan bells on the more sensing/perceiving side. Much inspiration there, influencing my own writing. Bravo to him for his work, bravo and thanks, wherever he may be.
Name Ryan
Comments I saw Rick Griffin's artwork as a kid on a cousin's grateful Dead poster...and loved it ever since. He's a real inspiration to me...his soul really comes through in his work...that's a rare thing these days, it seems. Thank you Rick for the amazing artwork!
Name Mark Oatis
Comments Thank you, friends, for this site. I'm 51 (saw that Doors concert in Denver, New Years '68 & even remember some of it) and work today as an artist BECAUSE of Rick's example.
Name Molly
E-mail west_112_at_hotmail.com
Comments I admit it...I stole Murpheys wave...it's now located on the front of my album cover for Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album w/ my flamingo. If you like I'll send a picture...other wise, thanks for putting up this great site.
Name Mark
E-mail melbournebeachfla_at_netscape.net
Comments awesome! nuf sed.
E-mail LEBOstudios_at_aol.com
Comments God worked through Rick and the world is a brighter place because of it.
Name sixis9
E-mail lipfib_at_yahoo.fr
Comments The greatest visual artist to come out of the Frisco scene! I am definitively one of his fans.
Name john frankel
E-mail frankel_at_alamedanet.net
Comments i would like to say that he had a influence on alot of up incoming artists. i do like the way he did his calligraphy
Name John Egan
E-mail kachinajoe_at_hotmail.com
Comments Man!... I'm back on the beach... Thanks!... and may the spirit live on!
Name Alaine
Comments I love Murphy! If anyone knows where I can buy t-shirts with him on them (vintage preferably!),or other 'Murphy' items, please write. I'd also love to find a 'Tales from the Tube' comic book. Thanks!
Name Mark Bennett Murray
E-mail mmurray_at_lagunacollege.edu
Comments In 1975 I attended classes at Saddleback College and had a life drawing class with Rick and his wife,Ida.Rick was kind enough to sign a copy of "Tales From the Tube" #1 that I already owned which I have framed in a floating frame.Unfortunately it was signed in marker which has faded dramatically but is still decernable. I also have a flyer or hand bill for "Five Summer Stories" that I got in 1972 while living in Lahaina Maui.I have no idea of their value And would welcome any information on that score.
Name Greg Schell
E-mail gregoryschell_at_yahoo.com
Comments I just finished making "The Far Shore," a surfing documentary about the '70s and in the opening montage, I have some rare super8 footage of Rick Griffin's painted bus, "Motorskil." It was parked in Seal Beach for a week when my doc's subject filmed it and thankfully, it wound up in my film. I thought some of you might be interested. The film's web site is at www.thefarshore.com. I have nothing but respect and awe for this artist and his connection to surfing culture...
Name Bill Oetinger
E-mail srcc_at_ap.net
Comments I never met Rick--that I'm aware of--but I feel like our paths have been crossing since the early 60's. I slavishly copied Murph the Surf images into my school books and sketch books. Years later, I hung out with the Jook Savages (where I may have shared a bowl with Rick and not known it was him). But his biggest influence on my life was the SF poster art and the comix art. I'm a commercial artist, and I learned half of what I know about pen-&-ink by studying his technique. Even now I will pull out an old Zap! or Man from Utopia to refresh my memory on how to shade and highlight in ink. He was a master...a true genius. We are all richer for his passage through our lives.Thanks for putting together such a great site where we can visit with Rick.
Name Fritz Peters
E-mail frtzptrs_at_aol.com
Comments Humbled in the presence of true genius.
Name John T. Wierzbicki
E-mail jtwcustomline_at_yahoo.com
Comments A fan since the Zap Comix of 60's just found the site. Wow!
Name joe cangelosi
E-mail jcdc2000_at_optonline.net
Comments great site but how can i purchase some of the goods
Name Lonnie Argabright (Murphy)
E-mail largabri_at_pacbell.net
Comments Great site, it brought back some wonderful memories. Thanx
Name tim
E-mail tim_at_glidespace.com
Comments pacific vibrations. anyone know where to get a copy over in the states?
Name Josh Gestring
E-mail gridescfl_at_hotmail.com
Comments Most unbelievable artist. Can't say enough, just love it. Very inspiring.
Name Samantha Williams
E-mail willsamantha4_at_yahoo.com
Comments Excellent website, very informative. Keep up the excellent work. Samantha Williams
Name Raphael Bushell-Embling
E-mail bite_me_boy_at_hotmail.com
Comments I am 13 and my dad showed me his book and now he is my favourite artist. He has opened my mind to a whole new form of art
Name guy jeff
E-mail job_at_southie.com
Comments nice website,tis been done.
Name Sarah
E-mail haras1975_at_earthlink.net
Comments I was familiar with griffin's work back before I was even in high school. I am 27 now and he's still the ***. Rock on!
Name Jeff
E-mail jbalfoort_at_houston.rr.com
Comments surfing in the 60's = Rick Griffin artwork. Just the best!Still the Best!!
Name Kyle Swanson
E-mail kylethoughts_at_yahoo.com
Comments Yayyy!!! Looking at Rick's stuff is such a treat. Heartfelt thanks for creating this site. Very nicely done. What a seriously stoked vibe Griffin conveys--his best Zap strips are almost religious in quality. The man was a genius. Man, he just hit it so dead on sometimes, didn't he? His crisp flow and vision tap right into the Zone that we all love so much, surfers, heads, and joytrippers in general. Easiest flashback I know: just look at a classic Rick piece for a couple of minutes, and I'm out in the water waiting for the next set or back at a primo Dead show, and it's all just us once again. Love to all, and thanks, Rick.
Name buck short
E-mail campbell4_at_cox.net
Comments Thanks so much for providing this site to help keep the memory of the man and his art alive. Rick's work has influenced and inspired my own work since my teenage years, and that was aa long time back...
Name Richard Michaels
E-mail richardmichaels_at_comcast.net
Comments I grew up in PV in the 50,s and 60,s. My sister went to both Narbonne and PV High with Rick. We used to pester him to draw on shirts or anything else around. Everything I know about drawing I learned from copying Rick's stuff. I can still remember all of us hanging out at Ratt Beach around a fire. Malaga Cove, Haggerty's. That was paradise!
Name Chris
Comments Rick was a great influence to me when I descovered his work when I was at college. Even now, 15 years after i first found him, I see his influence in my work and the work of others. His contribution to the illustration world is epic. Even though he is no longer with us, his work more than lives on. Long live Rick Griffin.
Name Rob
E-mail Rob.WIlbraham_at_St-Mary's.nhs.uk
Comments Just got back from an exhibition of 60's rock art in London. Featured heavily the original works of Griffin. It was great to actualy get up close and see the detail of his paintings. A fantastic artist and a great website.
Name sophie maynard
Comments i have loved Rich griffin's work ever since my step father showed me some.i am about to do my art gcse and all my work is based on him!thank you for this site it has helped me so much. x x x
Name randy phillips
E-mail rphillips303_at_charter.net
Comments Ever since I first saw Rich Griffin Family Dog posters in 1975, I have loved his work. Of all the wonderful 60s San Francisco poster artists, Rich Griffin is the greatest, and appreciation for his (and their) work will grow over the centuries. They are future "old masters", and by all accounts Rick Griffin the individual was as outstanding as Rick Griffin the artist. For more than a decade now, we have all been diminished by his passing.
Name dink thomas
E-mail dink_at_myplace.net.au
Comments What a wonderful web site, showing the wonderful art that Rick created. His influence lives on in so many peoples hearts and minds. Thank you!
Name Richard Jahn
E-mail vincentvanjahn_at_aol.com
Comments Wow!! these bring back a lot of memories of the 60's and the mood of the era. I love it. It's influenced my own art.
Name Dennis Woodley
E-mail dennis_woodley_at_hotmail.com
Comments Thanks for the site and the memories. I started copying Murph the Surf as a teenager in 1963 in Australia. I still do a cartoon for a rural newspaper(a conservative rancher that "lefties" laugh at). I was/am a fan of The G. Dead so my admiration of Rick only increased during those heady days. Thank you again for keeping the Spirit alive
Name B.Racy
E-mail greenll_at_televar.com
Comments THANKS!!!
Name David Dominy
E-mail d6292_at_pacbell.net
Comments Rick was a friend of mine. I had no idea how much I'd miss him and was taught to keep in more frequent touch with friends, as I hadn't seen him for about a year befor he died. We had a special, unique bond in surfing, skateboarding and art I am, and will remain one of his biggest fans of his art. Truely a cool mind!
Name Byron Williams
E-mail Webmaster_at_tbirdhq.com
Comments Unfortunately, I was only 8 years old when Rick left us, and never got to meet him. I live with his widow's brother Robert Pfefferle in the East S.F. Bay Area. I have known Robert for my whole life. He is like an uncle to me. My father and him went to High School together. I was exposed to Rick's work at a very young age, and being 19 now, I truly understand what talent he had. I have met Ida a few times. I love to visit her house near the beach in Santa Cruz. The fireworks there on 4th of July are amazing. I'll never forget Rick's work.
Name agingsurfer ( Steve Toth )
E-mail aginsurfr_at_attbi.com
Comments Rick was and is my favorite artist. Ida, you may find a copy of his "Eternal Life Through Jesus The Redeemer" t-shirt design in one of the late 60's or early seventies Surfer mags. That's where I first saw it and have been hoping to find it again. Steve Toth
Name Rob Kravitz
E-mail robsfractional_at_aol.com
Comments Rick lives on thuogh his GREAT art work . thank you I am luck to have met him backstage at the greek during a DEAD show.I have many of his posters on my walls.
Name Adelia Rose Griffin-Harris
E-mail buttery_at_cruzio.com
Comments As one of Rick's children there are few others who can claim to have experienced his influence as deeply as I have. Not a day goes by that I don't think or dream of him. As alive as he is in my heart and mind, my memories are heightened by the richness of the words offered by everyone who knew or knew of him. With the deepest sincerity I thank you.
Name Paul Grushkin
E-mail rockmus_at_attbi.com
Comments I think of Rick often and and with the greatest respect.
Name Chris Yeamans
E-mail Taurus0481_at_aol.com
Comments I am only a young man, 21 years of age and a native of Colorado, but I am none the less a great fan of Rick's work. I am proud to have his famous Flying Eye Ball tattooed upon my right shoulder as a continuing tribute to his legacy as a great artistic genius.
Name Dave Evans
E-mail davidmevans925_at_yahoo.com
Comments I'm an old San Clemente local who had the great pleasure of knowing Rick. To say the least, it was a privlege. My best wishes to his family, nicer people you couldn't find. Thanks for all the memories you've put on these pages.
E-mail morgandunzer_at_yahoo.com
Comments i'd just like to say that Griffin's art is unbelievable... ITS INSANE... i just tripped out on your art and it was very cool... thanks for the good times.
Name jeff larkin
E-mail jeff_larkin_at_spe.sony.com
Comments Some say "why are all the greatest people dead" I say some never die like Rick the garbage man........your all ways in my soul buddy thanks for living.
Name gene clemetson
E-mail papaned24_at_hotmail.com
Comments thanks for this site. I have been a fan of rick's since high school, when i was an avid art student. He and Peter Max were my 2 biggest inspirations.
Name Kevin Kingrey
E-mail crashking82_at_yahoo.com
Comments I understand Rick's "Gospel of John" is out of print. If this message add's to the weight that gets things done, then let it be said: This needs to be printed and sent out into circulation again. Kingdom Come!
Name kpaint
E-mail keithncocoa_at_yahoo.com
Comments great site. griffin was inspirational in my younger days starting out in art. it still surfaces in my later works on foam and paper.and yeah,im still in the water surfing as much as possible!
Name russ milenbach
E-mail milobender_at_cs.com
Comments was searching for info on the mine eyes have seen the glory poster(bonaparte press)How many done,just bought one numbered 101 and was curious.
Name Brian D. Fitzgerald ''BONES''
E-mail FITZ 99 .com
Comments You are with my DAD BILL U.S.M.C.He,as are his Marine buddies guarding the halls of HEAVEN. You are the creator of my favorite works of art,GOD willing I will see you,and my DAD,Jimi,Jerry and all the SKATEBOARDERS and SURFERS out there that have passed.Thanks Rick.....BONES....................
Name Buddy X
E-mail -
Comments Rick...you blow my mind like a heffer in a bible belt twister!
Name mick white
E-mail mickeyw20_at_yahoo.com
Comments Hi, I'm writing a book about British rock band Family - did Rick ever design any posters for them? Cheers, Mick White
Name Pete Cope
E-mail us_at_mapcope.freeserve.co.uk
Comments Web perfection...thanks Rick for the beautiful fluid liquidity of your art and thanks to all involved in this site for the opportunity to appreciate it again and again...Pete. Northern England.
Name luke brown
E-mail lukebrown_at_cox.net
Comments Yowza! Thank you for this labor of love...Rick....you rock! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you...the hard work you put into your work has encouraged and inspired me and also your personal quest for answers...from surfer to something much larger. Palos Verdes to Pluto (ha,ha-yowza) Just thanks...Tim...you rock...REALLY!!! Everybody, Gordon to Pez to Sev & especially the Griffin Family-muchas gracias, Y-O-+W+-Z-A! L.B. San Clemente
Name Greg Maple
E-mail trashridebikes_at_mac.com
Comments My eyes are just begining to open to Rick Griffin...
E-mail ADVIL2468
Name david frantzis
E-mail dvdfrantzis_at_aol.com
Comments What media were most of Rick's works in? Oil on canvas, airbrush or acrylics?
Name jason reidelbach
E-mail shess_at_columbus.rr.com
Comments thanks for the inspriation,rick will live in my subconscience with presence of magical colors and smooth flowing lines, thanks again,and by the way rick griffin was right there is a GOD AND christ is KING. GOD BLESS
Name Francis Hannaway
E-mail francish7_at_yahoo.com
Comments I bought the Rick Griffiths biography in about 1980 an based a lot of my artwork on his - especially the way he did shadows with light reflected back into it. I remember doing a birthday party invitation for a friend (I still have a copy if any one wants to see) based on a Zap! Comix cover. I was sad to hear he'd died. This is a really a really good site to introduce people to Rick Griffin and as a way to remember him.
Name "Brother" John Wooldridge
E-mail cryptozoo_at_angelfire.com
Comments At the tender age of 16, I had a life-changing spiritual experience induced by the sacrament LSD. Ever since that day, for almost 12 years, every aspect of my life has recolced around psychedelia; among many other facets, I collect psychedelic art. Rick Griffin is probably my favorite of all - and I've seen the works of many. I only wish he were alive today so that I could meet him, even thank him just for being himself. If you're reading this, then we probably already have quite a bit in common. Maybe we could trade artwork, maybe we could discuss how to produce liquid-light shows, maybe anything. Write me!!
Name Clark Merritt
E-mail clarkmerritt_at_earthlink.net
Comments Among all the people who had a postive influence on who I am creatively, Rick Griffin & John Severson are heavy standouts. I never met Rick Griffin in person...only his great work. I was very sad when Rick died, among the reasons -I never had a chance to thank him for all the enjoyment & inspiration his artwork gave me....after Rick's death I made sure that I told John Severson face to face and publicly thanked Rick posthumously. May he live on through his art.
Name Randi N Lar
E-mail thurlo_at_thurlopolis.net
Comments i met griff the first time i saw that viking surfing eyeball. he was a mentor for me tho' we never crossed paths, and even have a dawg named griff and an homage tattoo to prove it. i included this site as a link in honor... sincerely
Name Sam Hallmark
E-mail sidestreetsam_at_netscape.net
Comments I was fortunate enough to meet Rick many years ago (mid-70's) in Encinitas down San Diego way. He was a solid dude and a beautiful person. His advice to a young artist still rings true ... "Foreget everything else, and draw, draw, draw..." Thanks for such a great site!
Name Daniel Delgado
E-mail ddelgado2_at_satx.rr.com
Comments a beautiful tribite for a wonderful family man, super surfer and of course fantastic artist!!thanks
Name Dubart-julie
E-mail tarabiscot1_at_caramail.com
Comments what about his very last one?.this work blows my mind , waow,as said my dad ,far out,other side,of the wall
Name Stephen Ainsworth
E-mail wildstallion10_at_hotmail.com
Comments Great site and excellent pictures! Does anyone know where I can get a print of "WRENCHBOY", I saw a copy of it once in a comic book shop down at fishermans warf in San Francisco and have always wanted a copy! Keep up the tribute to the great man!!
Name Sam Sade
E-mail samsade_at_northnet.org
Comments Enjoyed visit very much. I remember Astor Place shop in 1970 New York with some of the Zap covers in the window... the work is obviously memorable!
Name john dauss
E-mail shamanjon1_at_cox.net
Comments Nice site. Rick lived a few streets away in San Clemente. My brother Mike studied at his side and I was able to collect some nice prints from them both. He was such a cool person. His spirit lives on. john
Name francesco bocciardi
E-mail bluesbox_at_tin.it
Comments in the late 80's I played guitar in an Italian neo-psych band called "Birdmen of Alkatraz". We had the great honour to receive the cover art made by Rick (maybe the only european band togheter with the Cult).It was something that filled us with pride cause we were (and still are) longtime admirer of Rick's work and deeply involved with thing and music that Rick loved. Thanks Rick
Name Lisa Nielsen Smith
Comments I stumbled onto this site quite by accident, and was startled by the beauty of Rick's work. There was a show locally not too long ago, but the variety and imagery in these works is far superior and is staggering. What afabulous time and spirit he was able to capture, like no one else did.I met Rick once or twice at Torrance Beach and attended his "going away" party in Hermosa Beach, in 1962 or 1963, but never saw him again. I was friends with several of his high school and college friends, Jim Mikkelsen,Tom Sawyer, Scott Kyne, and my ex-husband Tom Williams. What a group they all were, and too many of them, like Rick, now gone. Bless you Rick, and all the other ex-PV surfers.
Name Bethany
E-mail bethy59456_at_aol.com
Comments I found pacific vibrations in a surfer book, and looked him up here I had no idea he had sooooo much awsome stuff
Name David
E-mail nil
Comments Excellent site!!!! Beautiful artwork.
Name Jim "Mick" McDaid
E-mail jimmcdaid_at_earthlink.net
Comments Longtime admirer of Rick's work. I acquired one of the last original copies from "Artrock" of the Quicksilver/Kaleidoscope Avalon Ballroom poster. I plan to collest more of his stuff.
Name NoMe
E-mail nomearts_at_earthlink.net
Comments Thank you for keeping Rick's art alive and available forpeople to see. I'm so happy that you did another run of thebook. I've been looking for a copy for many years after seeing a friend's. I really started hunting again recentlyand shortly after, walked into Virgin Megastore in San Fran. (to use the restroom of all things) and there it was sitting on the display table!!! Oh, how happy I was!Rick's art has really been an inspiration and has influencedmy own art greatly. I hope to someday meet him. Thank you.-NoMe.
Name Ron Margole
E-mail mrgol2_at_juno.com
Comments I don't know who I met first, Rick or Ida. I believe it was Ida, at Choinard Art Institute, she was looking for a place to live for awhile, hung out with me a couple blocks from Chouinard, while she was in school, and working for the telephone co. not far from our place, can't remember the street,but we did get to share a room. I used to sit with Rick outside the classroom while he finished his Murf the Surf strips for the Surfer Magazine. I don't remember him being around to long, this was in 1962 or '63, and I think Rick and Ida connected there at some point. I graduated in 1964, and headed to New York , and I think Rick and Ida were already in S.F. Ida I hope your life has been rich and full with the memories and the legacy that Rick left us all who spent a small amount of time with him. Thank you, Ron Margole
Name Steve Wimer
E-mail missionimp_at_msn.com
Comments Rick's house near T-Street in San Clemente contained a 3 part masterpiece. One of the pieces was the Mustard Seed Faith album cover, and another was an entire psychedelic wall of man going through life through death. But my favorite Griffin piece was the Malibu that was photographed by Art Brewer and published in SURFER magazine. I have some one-of-a-kind unique pieces I will try to share with this site. One is a poignant self-portrait, another a Hopi-Indian poster for my surfing book (published article instead) that I will probably use for a surfing video someday, and Larry Groce's "Junk Food Junkie" record cover. Oh, "Pacific Vibrations" the movie is for sale on ebay from time to time (Australian version).
Name John
E-mail jm63612000_at_yahoo.com
Comments wonderful for the eyes and mind to see...thanks john
Name Walter Medeiros
E-mail waltermedeirosacca_at_earthlink.net
Comments Hello Tim, It's been months since I last browsed your extraordinary site. What a delight to be able to see so many artworks rarely seen or entirely new to me. Your commitment to maintain and develop this site is greatly appreciated, I hope you know. Thanks to your contributors, and thanks a lot to you.
Name Nyle Schafhauser ll
E-mail surfcar1_at_aol.com
Comments Great story and history on Rick !!Ment him with Ron Stoner a long time a go.I was good frind with him and went to school with him early on in life.Aloha Nyle
Name Steve Mooney
E-mail ooneymoo_at_yahoo.com
Comments I still have several postcards stored away somewhere but the posters are long gone, sad to say. But alas, here they are for good! The art as much as the music and the people changed me and my generation for the better. What a long strange trip it's been!
Name Billy Jack Hagerman
E-mail william.j.hagerman_at_intel.com
Comments I love this site. I have been a fan since I was a little kid. My Dad was a fan so I grew up with an appreciation. Thank you for sharing info and pictures of the greatest american artist ever. God bless.~Billy
E-mail arvas_at_artech.gr
Name Bill Burns
E-mail wt_burns_at_swbell.net
Comments Thanks for this site. I was one of those who was exposed to Rick's art both from his album covers for rock and roll bands and his illustrations in Christian publications like the Maranatha! Gospel of John. I still have a copy of the Gospel he illustrated. It's in storage somewhere. It was nice to have his illustrations when I came to Christ back in the mid-eighties. It was like seeing an old friend. I look forward to having the opportunity to meet him in person one of these days. In the interim, like Frederick Buechner puts it in his book 'Wishful Thinking,' "Sometimes the truth is what sets us wishing for it." Peace -wtb
Name Curt Honingford
E-mail curthon_at_juno.com
Comments Great site. Brings back a lot memories. As a teenager living in Hawaii during the early 70's, Ricks' work was everywhere. The Pacific Vibrations Movie poster was probably one of the most amazing pieces of artwork that I had seen......Rick, thanks for sharing your genius with us. Rest easy, bra
Name Brittany Keith
E-mail yogo11_at_msn.com
Comments rad stuff, enjoy it greatly.
Name Luca Ferraris
E-mail dr.feelgood_at_tin.it
Comments great pics from a great artist!Cowabunga.
Name gregg trubee
E-mail bbqblue_at_qwest.net
Comments Thanks for the site!!!! I have collected Rick's work for a while. There are many artists out there but none turn me on like Ricks work. Period!!
Name nils pokel
E-mail ziahtamatiti_at_yahoo.com
Comments hi there! from the day on my dad gave me his collection of zap comics which he read when he was my age i was thrilled by griffins works in them. he was THE one... now, a couple years later, i finally got my whole back from the neck to the but tattooed with a motive by him (and, boy, it sure IS cool!). guess i'll have a special relationship to this guy for the rest of my life from now on ;-).anyway, thank you so much for giving me a deeper insight to his life by your great site! strangely, it was a very intense feeling to look at his picture and read his bio. i feel that i had to know this stuff about him...
Name henry alvarez
E-mail alvarezwax_at_yahoo.com
Comments Really enjoyed this website on Rick. It brought back many memorys of the brief time we spent together At Harbor Junior College in california. Rick was well into his cartoons for the Surfer magazine and had introduced myself and Dwight Shundo to the guys at the Hot rod Cartoon magazine. After becoming good friends, Rick told me that he thought we were going to have to fight, as he was a surfer and I was a "ho-Daddy". We both had a great laugh over that.Rick's style as a cartoonist was way ahead of anybody else in those art classes, but I used to try and have competitions with him and that is how I aquired a great drawing of a "Ho-Daddy" from him. A cherished treasure.I recall another occasion when Dwight and I were in a second hand store looking for costumes for my wax figures,when we heard a voice from another aisle, "Shundo! Is that you?" Dwight and looked at each other with a big question, but Dwight immediately recognized Rick's voice and we stood and talked about old times for quite awhile. I immediately approached Rick about creating a wax version of Murphy, which he thought was interesting, but we never got together at that. Rick had the "Magic" and it was my pleasure to have my life circles mingle with his.
Name Finlo Hughes
E-mail unearthlyone_at_ganja.com
Comments Ever since i was tiny i remember being allowed to look at my dads copy of the Rick Griffin book. I am now 17 and he has been my greatest inspiration for as long as i can remember. It's brilliant to see these pieces again on your site. Cheers!
Name Robert Kefauver
E-mail rkefauver_at_comcast.net
Comments Oh the memories...........
Name Leland
E-mail atowngraphics_at_yahoo.com
Comments I've been following Rick's work from Surftoons and throughout the underground comix scene. Too bad he is no longer with us. I really admired his pen and ink work and his unique cross hatching style. Especially his freehand typography. His style influenced mine. Too bad he is no longer in this world.
Name Basil Bibi
E-mail basilbibi_at_hotmail.com
Comments Far out.Great to see so much of the great man's work in one place.
Name Mark Bugden "Bugs"
E-mail bugs_at_design972.fsnet.co.uk
Comments Rick Griffin has inspired me to get my finger out my ass and put paint+pen to paper again! A Great artist and great website. Newquay England
Name murray walding
E-mail nakedflame_at_iprimus.com.au
Comments It was Murphy that got me going. So much so that Ive got him tattooed on my arm. I used to show surf movies in Melbourne (Vic, Aust.) and Ive still got a selection of Rick's surf movie posters...plus a handful of the Rick Griffin tees that turned up a few years ago, but are nolonger in production...anyone interested in trades?
Name lance
E-mail lance_day2002_at_yahoo.com
Comments theres some f**kin good pics here
Name KalicoKahlia
E-mail tcede_at_yahoo.com
Comments I just got the censer from the aoxomoxoa album cover tattooed on my right arm. as soon as i get a decent digital shot of it i will send you a copy. long live rick and jerry.
Name josh birrell
Comments very nice site :) both me and my step dad are big fans an it good to see this site up an running ;)
Name Bob Morrison
E-mail bob7954_at_aol.com
Comments Too cool..I knew Randy Nurert went to Narbonee, but I didnt know Rick had gone to Fleming and Narbonne. I went to both and saw a lot of Ricks work but didnt realize he had been a student there. Rick was Murph and will always hold a special place in our hearts from the 60s.
Name Bryan Edwards
E-mail Turbobryan_at_aol.com
Comments San Diego, CA, USA I first saw Griffin's work featured in Surfer mag as a young and stoked gremmie in the early '70's. His art keeps me in touch with my younger self.
Name Mary Van Hamersveld
E-mail crazyworldaintit_at_hotmail.com
Comments thanks, this is a nice way to find people to talk to
Name Psychedelic Solution NYC
E-mail info_at_psychedelicsolution.com
Comments hey. nice to see someone take a stab at it! Keep working on it though.. but congrats for the effort & heart. The more Rick Griffin the better!!
Name Jacaeber Kastor
Comments very nice lil' site.. look forward to seeing it flesh out a bit.. & please keep workin' on the bio.. but i do salute the effort & heart, so god bless..
Name Walter Medeiros
E-mail waltermedeirosacca_at_earthlink.net
Comments Greetings Tim, I got your name from the D. Wheary Griffinhead Exchange & thought I 'd check your site & say hello. I'm a a historian of the SF rock poster art/culture, and one who has long been delighted and fascinated by Rick's protean art. I'm not very active in the Exchange (not an active collector now), but as one of the Irregulars, I think I can say it's nice to have a link across the pond, and welcome aboard. Cordially, Walter of Berkeley.
Name Chris Young
Comments Innocence lost.
E-mail Lebostudios_at_aol.com
Comments Thanks for putting together such a great site. I've loved Rick's work since as far back as I can remember and it's still a big influence on my own work. His combination of craftsmanship along with his intense sense of spirituality is unrivaled.
Name Vince Dugar
E-mail vdugar_at_sbcglobal.net
Comments Thanks for taking the time to do such a great web page, and for providing insight/history into Rick's life. All the best!
Name Jammin Jack
Comments I met Rick while he was venturing through Florida back in the 70s. Then later in the Caribbean. He gave me several of his artwork for payment of work for me. To this day I feel the impact and influence of his artwork as a Graphic Designer myself. Thanks Rick!
Name Tom H.
E-mail Drsidtripsworth_at_rcn.com
Comments The "museum" was wonderful. I have a couple of original postcards of his work that came as a collection in a "zig-zag" papers package and used to have many of the posters until they were damaged in flood when our washing machine spewed all over our basement. Hopefully I'll be able to find them again. Unfortunately they wont be inexpensive. oh well. Thanks again for the sight.
Name Mike cole
E-mail pacificeye_at_here327fsnet.com
Comments Nice sight.. If there were any justice the man's work/play would be on show in every gallery in the world. Maybe in the next one? The world is a much finer place for you having shared it with us. You changed my life. Love
Name jimmy Abrams
E-mail jrabrams_at_bestweb.net
Comments Rick Griffin,Surf Artist Extraordinare,I Like Seeing & Reading:MURPHY Cartoons,In SURFER Magazines,And All Of Rick Griffin's SURF-Art In General!!
Name Harris Lenowitz
E-mail kwhl_at_uofu.net
Comments What a fine site! A pleasure to visit and revisit all these plendid works!
Name Timo Toiviainen
E-mail timt50_at_yahoo.com
Comments Fantastic! Thank you for a great site. Quality!
Name Jaime Noia
E-mail jaimenoia_at_hotmail.com
Comments Great site! I especially like the fact that you included all of his works, from the Dead to the Gospel of John you guys covered it all. I'm sure Rick would be really happy with this site. I also am a surfer artist and have been scoring great surf in the Central Cal area. I think what Rick must have experienced twenty or so years prior to our current development.
Name ted mayes
E-mail jessicamayes_at_waitrose.com
Comments phew glad to find you - my daughters doing a college essay on mouse and kelly typography - ho hum dig out those dead albums.....
Name matt fontain
Comments thanks for providing a good gallery
Name chris pedersen
E-mail foreverstoked_at_hotmail.com
Comments thank you! from another surfer/artist inspired by rick griffin! it has been a while since i have searched for griffin stuff on the web. usually not finding enough images or info to satisfy. but today i found this site! yes!im so stoked! great job. keep up the good work. its great to have this stuff so well put together for all the world to see!
Name Robert Sommers
E-mail blheron_at_pacbell.net
Comments I had the privilege of being Rick's friend. Sometimes it is a drag to meet your idols and it wasn't always easy with Rick but he was one of the three most influential figures in my life. At times I thought he was a knuckle dragging neanderthal and other times a truly god blessed genious who left the rest of us behind on the other shore... A.M.F. brother...
Name Jack
E-mail jreeves5_at_gte.net
Comments I've been a fan ever since I saw Zap #3 back in the early '70's. I long ago threw away my collection of underground comix (to my undying regret!). Oh man, if I could just get my hands on "Tales From the Tube" again! I used to have a T-shirt with a pretty Hawaiian girl and the word "Aloha" on it.It was a Rick Griffin design that I've never seen before or since. Anybody have any ideas where I could find another one? (Or any Griffin T's for that matter) thanx!
Name Bodhimojo
E-mail Bodhimojo_at_hotmail.com
Comments found quite a few rock albums in the gallery that I didn't know Rick did! I also have a red Surfing Eyeball shirt that I've had for years and still looks great. Matter of fact, I'd like to find some more Griffin shirts if they're available. and, uh, reprints of Tales of the Tube...
Name Tom
E-mail tomgoober68_at_hotmail.com
Comments A recent fan of his work,very shocked that he is no longer around;love all the grateful dead artwork and thrilled to discover more.Would've loved him to design cover art for my band;he's a great influence.
Name woodpeeker
E-mail lenfestc_at_hotmail.com
Comments to me, you're one of the greatest artists of our time, rick. I still have my surfing eyeball t shirt, it's my favorite! I too was an early surfer mag. fan.
Name steve briggs
E-mail rotmsandman_at_att.net
Comments Rick work fills in a part of my life that otherwise would be void. had a blast- thanks
Name Piebiter
E-mail mc3905_at_aol.com
Comments I never met Rick, however I can honestly say that his workranks as the best to come out of the SF art poster scene. Itstill is as fresh today as it was back then. He is a major influence on my work even today.
Name Hal Bowers
E-mail hbowers_at_schaferalb.com
Comments I was one of the many people who knew of Rick from the Surfer mag. days and met him at his place in SF while visiting there with my friend Bob Schnepf. I remember a conversation that took place about the tortured underground comic artist Rory Hayes, and that Rick was sympathetic and showed a lot of understanding about the torment that this young man was going through. Always great to see such a good site for such a strong and creative artist, thanks.
Name Paul Isaacs
E-mail paulisaacs_at_aol.com
Comments excellent site - I'm a great lover of Rick Griffin's work - and your gallery does it justice - itdsgood to see so much of it in one place
Name dennis roberts
E-mail svenis_at_coastalnet.com
Comments still as big a fan as the day i saw his work with john severson on the bus in california.....long live his work and creativity.....
Name Sean
E-mail sean_at_aofd.zzn.com
Comments Rick's artwork is a huge influence on mine, he will be remember forever as a legend.
Name dan the surferman
E-mail ddelgado2_at_satx.rr.com
Comments happy holidays to all of ricks fine family & friends & to all who love ricks wonderful images and & portraits! thanks rg!
Name Kevin
E-mail kvitale_at_cyberedge.net
Comments Whoa, I accidently ran across this site, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I forgot about some of the great artist that influenced my art and font design. Rick was the top inspiration for me. Orginal, thought-provoking and just plain beautiful. Thanks Rick
Name Ron Van Dyck
E-mail rnvandyck_at_prodigy.net
Comments Rick had one of the warmest hearts. We first met at Narbonne high school as juniors. I remember bumping into him in the library at Saddleback College in the mid 1970's. We just started talking like we'd just seen each the other day when it had really been almost 10 years. A friend sent me a clipping from the Petaluma newspaper soon after Rick was killed. Seems like just yesterday. Cowabunga!
Name alex krastev
E-mail alexkrs_at_mail.com
Comments Thanx a lot for this incredible site, Rick's art will be for ever the most powerfull inspiration ever existing for me as an artist Tim great job
Name John Mason
E-mail jsmason_at_earthlink.net
Comments Far out, thanks for posting these images from our collective past. Wish some of the scans could be high enough res to read the black and white frames. But that's not a complaint!
Name Larry Willis
E-mail realtysign_at_inficad.com
Comments Thanks for this site where the art of Rick Griffin can be seen. Griffin and the other S.F. Poster artists have long been an influence on my own art.
Name Chris K
E-mail wrinkledmonkey_at_yahoo.com
Comments Before today, I had never heard of Rick Griffin. He created some awesome drawings. Cool site.
Name Daniel Delgado
E-mail DDELGADO2_at_satx.rr.com
Comments surfers never die they ride the crystal waves forever, rick will always be remembered for his outstanding work and style. ride on bro, thanks again
Name Bruce Gliniors
E-mail bgliniors_at_ci.manhattan-beach.ca.us
Comments Great stuff! Thank You!
Name Justin Scheller
E-mail JScheller_at_honda.hra.com
Comments Great job with the site. Rick's work has had a wonderful influence on me.
Name Ida Griffin
E-mail Tanzaku_at_aol.com
Comments Thank you for comments about my late husband Rick Griffin, brings a joy to my heart. God Bless.
Name Virginia Valentine Coles
E-mail studiovalentine_at_earthlink.ne
Comments Bonjour Tim - Thank you for providing the most in-depth Rick Griffin site I have seen to date. His loss is still felt today, especially in view of the fact that the anniversary of his death is close upon us. I was acquainted with Rick; a long art talk in the old pizza parlor next to the Inverness Park Store, West Marin County, not far from Petaluma, is a fond memory. A fellow surrealist, Rick, l'il magique!
Name Tim Wellington
E-mail wellington3_at_msn.com
Comments Rick's art is almost beyond description. His influence on other artists can be equated to Hendrix with guitarists/musicians. When it's my time to leave the planet I hope I am lucky enough to be riding in the tube of time with Rick. Thanks for sharing this with everyone else.
Name Brian Haines
E-mail brian_haines_at_daihen-ac.com
Comments My friend Mark recently re-introduced me to Ricks art. I never knew the artist behind the art, however everything in your gallery is instantly recognizable from my childhood and teen years. Talk about a nostalgia flashback. Cowabunga indeed.
Name Gordon T. McClelland
E-mail hillcrestpi_at_earthlink.net
Comments Tim, you have done a nice job of setting up this site. The visuals look great and the information seems quite accurate. Thank you for doing this. It's a great way to honor Rick and to present the art he produced. Adios.
Name Gregg Hinlicky
E-mail BOHEMIAC1_at_aol.com
Comments Great sight! Rick Griffin was such an influence to me back in the 60's & 70's, when I was a surfer that wanted to be an artist. And now it's nice to look back at his work, now that I'm an artist wishing I could be a surfer.
Name Don Nuzzo
E-mail tape_at_flash.net
Comments Nice Sight! I first saw Rick's stuff in Surfer when I was a kid..It wow'd me then and continues to do so! I had the pleasure some years back to purchase some of Rick's art here in So Cal and it is definately the pinnacle of my art collection. He was a great artist and I wish he was still with us because he just kept getting better and better! Some of my favorites are from the "Gospel of John" project. I think there are still printings of that available to those interested. Cowabunga!
Name Roger Katz
E-mail manx47857_at_cs.com
Comments Yes, I'm totally stoked! I grew up loving "Murphy" and Rick's work for the "Surfer." Your Bio, brought back many pleasant memories of my mis spent youth, surfing and enjoying Rick's work. Your site is truly a wonderful experience! Thanks!
Name John Ladd
E-mail john.ladd_at_uk.clientlogic.com
Comments A fitting and accurate tribute to an inspired and badly missed artist. Out in bare feet? No! He was made of paint.
Name Norm Daniels
E-mail norm_at_humelake.org
Comments Wonderful website. As an graphic artist myself, the greatest complement I ever receive is that my work reminds someone of Rick's work. Of all the artwork on the walls of my office my most prized is "Cat-a-log Number 1" (original pen and ink) by Griffin. (pg. 74 in McClelland's book) Youza, I'm Stoked! Thanks!!
Name Clint Bryer
E-mail clint.bryer_at_northgate-is.com
Comments Crackin' stuff. I'll show you some work by the Man that ain't here.
Name Wayne Roten
E-mail jtroten_at_aol.com
Comments An absolutely Fantastic site Tim. The early images of "Murphy" brought back some great memories. Rick Griffin inspired me to pick up a pen and paintbrush when I was 12 years old and because of that, I'm a professional artist today. Even though Rick passed away a while back, I feel he is still with us because of his art, which is so dynamic and ahead of it's time. He was a true genius and his art will continue to inspire not only the people who admired his work back in the 60's, but future generations of young people.

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