Welcome to Myraltis

Based in Chudleigh, Devon, we have been creating Websites since 1999. We currently provide Internet services to a broad range of local businesses and organisations, from bespoke E-commerce solutions to adhoc Website maintenance and updates.

  • Peake Services

    Peake Services

    Kirsty is able to log into her site from a standard Web browser, upload images and documents, and edit text from a simple WYSIWYG interface. An ideal solution for a busy professional.

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    visit www.peakeservices.co.uk

We particularly enjoy using Websites that are eyecatching, easy to navigate and informative - that's why we'll design your site that way. After all, if a potential customer gets lost in a dull Website, they're likely to move on to the next site on the list, resulting in lost business.

  • Peter Booth Kitchens

    Peter Booth Kitchens

    Since creating Peter Booth Kitchen's first web presence in 2001 we have kept the site up to date with text and images supplied by Mark and Clive's team, and implemented design refreshes as and when required.

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    visit www.booth-kitchens.co.uk

We know that the people who use the Internet have a wide range of abilities and requirements - that's why your site will comply with Web Standards and usability guidelines, and be fully tested with a wide range of Web browsers before it is unleashed on the public.

  • Cater Business Park

    Cater Business Park

    The Cater Business Park Traders Group's site presents park news, a company directory and lists available units and job vacancies. CBPTG can update their site online with our easy to use CMS system.

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    visit www.caterbusinesspark.co.uk

We also know that your site needs to be different from the rest, to stand out from the crowd and do those extra little things that your competitor's Website doesn't do. That's why we spend time understanding your business and your exact requirements before we begin development work.

  • House Martin Interiors Online

    House Martin Interiors Online

    A bespoke online shop created to sell a range of quality interior architectural mouldings. We continue to work closely with Stephen's team to bring new products quickly to market.

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    visit www.hm-online.co.uk

We pride ourselves on providing quality personal service, whilst keeping costs down. Our packages are designed to meet your exact requirements. We'll provide domain names, hosting, e-mail and statistics, but we won't bundle in extra cost options that you don't need.

  • The Church of Saint Gerard Majella Knowle

    The Church of Saint Gerard Majella Knowle

    We customised a leading open source CMS package to provide an attractive, cost effective website for the church. Fr. George controls the content of the site via his laptop to keep parishioners up to date.

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    visit www.gerardmajellaknowle.co.uk

The Websites shown here are recent projects selected to give an idea of the range of solutions available from Myraltis. You may well require something completely different, but we can do that too...